Swimming with dolphins is at the dolphins’ invitation

We will cruise with a dolphin pod and determine if swimming will be allowed based on the group composition and behavior.

Our goal is to provide you with the experience of a lifetime – from the boat or the water with wild dolphins.


  • Swimming with dolphins can occur at any time of year there is no guarantee and it is always up to the dolphins.


  • We are unable to swim if they have calves, feeding or resting, or generally don’t want us around. (governed by Department of conservation) So it depends on their mood when we find then, they are constantly changing behavior


  • You are required to be a strong swimmer, (be able to swim at least 100m). Be aware the water is salty and deep and cool
  • Sit and slide into the water in a gentle manner, when directed by the crew. No jumping or diving
  • Remember to hold your breath, when you first go into the water and hold your mask and snorkel in place. * Remember to look down into the water
  • Do not reach out and touch the dolphins, they don’t like it
  • The boat will not be far from you at any time, do not swim under or in front of the boat.
  • Come back to the boat at any time, if you are cold, tired
  • You will be assisted up the ladder and out of the water by the crew
  • Come back to the boat when asked and signaled, promptly
  • Swimming and snorkeling with marine mammals can be a strenuous physical activity which may increase health and safety risk for persons suffering from medical conditions – stress from sudden exposure to cold water, panic or strenuous activity can aggravate some medical conditions, and certain medical condition such as heart disease may result in cardiac arrest and death. Please ask clients to advise us of any medical conditions and  to have any medication with them on the tour.
  • New regulations from Maritime New Zealand regarding swimming with dolphins state “ Swimming is not to be make available to children under 8 years old” and “Children between 8 and 12 year old need to be very confident in the water and supervised in the water by a parent or guardian at all times”