Marine Mammal Research

Research helps us to better understand and better protect these amazing animals.

We are always keen to support all marine mammal research in the Bay of Islands and surrounds.

By working alongside DOC ( Department of Conservation) and tertiary instuitions, we can help to form codes of conduct, education the public and make better policies that will create a sustainable future.  – Experience Now.  Help Protect Our Dolphins.

We have been supporting marine mammal research in the Bay of Islands since 1995.

Onboard carino NZ we do daily research with a marine mammal interaction sheet. This contributes to the Department of Conservation National Sightings Database, which is  important  for better management decisions and understanding the marine environment.

We have working relationships with:

Auckland University

Dr Rochelle Constantine and  the Marine Mammal Ecology Group.  Studies have included the first fin ID database  and population size of bay of islands Bottlenose Dolphins.

Massey University

Dr Karen Stockin and  Coastal-Marine Group. Concentrating largely on conservation and management orientated questions.

Orca Research

Dr Ingrid Visserand the Orca Research Trust. whose aim is to  protect Orca & their habitat, through conservation, education & scientific research.

Orca Research

Orca Research and Carino NZ


We are luckly to be able to work and play in the beautiful Bay of Islands Everyone with Carino NZ, all want to look after the natural beauty and help to conserve the wild life. This means we are very passionate about conservation.

This is why we are doing our best to integrate environmental care in every aspect of our business.

We are committed to;

  • Buying local/seasonal produce
  • Giving you the opportunity to recycle/ reuse
  • Using biodegradable or non-toxic cleaning products
  • Regularly having a beach clean up
  • Using wind power as often as possible
  • Start a tree planting program, locally
  • supporting project Island Song
  • To educate staff and guests about local environment issues

Help us and be an environmental carer by taking positive action to help nature!