Carino NZ

Our day sailing vessel “Carino NZ” has been purposely designed to take our guests cruising in the Bay of Islands.

Sailing the Bay

Name:                  Carino NZ

Design:                 Morgan/Holroyd

Length:                  15m (50ft)

Width:                  8m(26ft)

Facilities:             Spacious outdoor decks, Comfortable indoor cabin, Large Bathroom,                                               Licensed Bar, BBq lunch


Our knowledge of the ocean and work with tourists, has allows us to design and create an amazing day sailing yacht. She has large spacious decks and at the front two large trampoline areas that lets you relax and watch the water pass by,as we sail the stunning Bay of Islands

Relax in a bay


The cabin is large and comfortable to be able to get out of the sun or wind, yet still watch the amazing scenery pass by.

BBq lunch on Carino NZ







Our Vessel “Carino NZ” is  surveyed by Maritime New Zealand. We are externally audited to ensure systems and operating procedures are of highest standards. There is a documented maintenance program, vessel and all gear is maintained regularly.

Crew undertake regular safety drills and training for your safety.